Bathroom Vanity

Construction & Layout

Tan Carpenters provide careful planning and attention to detail with regards to the layout and style to the types of sinks and countertops.

We provide the construction of the popular horizontal vanities with one section of cabinetry. They are space efficient and take advantage of maximising usable counter space.

When it comes to vanity cabinets, we are experienced in different types of doors which fit you needs. For compartments, you can choose from drawers, doors or pullouts depending on the layout and space.

Countertop Materials

We provide a number of materials available, including granite, marble, laminate, concrete, wood and solid surface. We also work with various surfaces such as Kompacplus and other quartz surfaces.

Granite and quartz are popular choices for bathroom countertops as both are durable and high quality materials. Marble, being porous and softer, scratch more easily than granite and quartz and have less tolerance for moisture. It has to be said that non-stone materials such as wood and laminate don’t always mix well with moisture either, despite being more affordable.

simple bathroom vanity cabinet

Simple vanity rustic design


Modern vanity concept

bathroom vanity muji

Muji style minimalist vanity

bathroom vanity carpentry mosaic

Mosaic-filled vanity design

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